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The 2010 WritersUA User Assistance Salary Survey
Is Everybody Happy?

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Apparently most of us are content with the salary we receive. In this survey, 77% of the respondents indicate they are either Satisfied or Very Satisfied with their compensation. Only 3% are Very Dissatisfied. However, the amount of income from which we derive our satisfaction varies widely. The average for the Very Satisfied is a sizeable $95,096 while the range is from $30,000 to $190,000. Those respondents less than satisfied average about $25,000-30,000 less than the very satisfied.

Salary Satisfaction

Money isn't everything, so we asked how happy people are with the non-monetary aspects of their jobs. Apparently, most of us are happy campers with 77% responding they are Satisfied or Very Satisfied.

Non-Monetary Satisfaction

Work Environment

Over the past several years, our industry and our world have undergone significant changes. As computer and software developers respond to economic and technological forces, our profession is experiencing change as well. We asked the respondents what working conditions have been significantly affected over the past six months.

  • Staff reductions were double the staff increases.
  • The overall workload due to staff changes increased for nearly half of the respondents.
  • The amount of work we are asked to do increased for two thirds of respondents.
  • Salaries mostly stayed the same but budgets were cut for many of us.

Working Condition Reduction No change Increase
Number of UA employees19235788
Workload due to staff changes24300317
Number or scope of projects50164429
Funding or training28631737
Salary level7447489


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