THE 2008 WritersUA Salary Survey
Is Everybody Happy?

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Apparently most of us are content with the salary we receive. In this survey, 80% of the respondents indicate they are either Satisfied or Very Satisfied with their compensation. Only 2% are Very Dissatisfied. However, the amount of income from which we derive our satisfaction varies widely. The average for the Very Satisfied is a sizeable $90,123 while the range is from $30 ,000 to $196,000. Those respondents less than satisfied average about $25,000-30,000 less than the very satisfied.

Salary Satisfaction

Money isn't everything, so we asked how happy people are with the non-monetary aspects of their jobs. Apparently, most of us are happy campers with 84% responding they are Satisfied or Very Satisfied.

Non-Monetary Satisfaction

Work Environment

Over the past several years, our industry and our world have undergone significant changes. As computer and software developers respond to economic and technological forces, our profession is experiencing change as well. We asked the respondents what working conditions have been significantly affected over the past six months. Comparing the 2008 results against the previous four years it is apparent that the organizational cost-cutting has stabilized. However, 30% of respondents are still dealing with an increased work load.

Working Condition % Affected
% Affected
% Affected
% Affected
% Affected
Increased workload due to staff cuts3033314243
No (or less than normal) salary increase2424283547
Training and/or travel budget cuts259262945
Permanent staff layoffs1919192835
Canceled project(s)1815161819
Contract staff layoffs109101422



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