THE 2008 WritersUA Salary Survey
Canada and Other Countries

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As this survey continues to grow, we hope to provide useful information for regions outside the United States. That can only happen with active participation from user assistance professionals around the world.


We received 49 responses from Canada, representing five provinces. The overall average compensation is $68,714 CAD per year. As in the 2007 survey, only one of the respondents spent at least 75% of their time on management tasks. Thirty-two of the respondents were women. The average number of hours worked per week was 41.1 compared to 42.7 in the U.S.


We received 56 responses from residents of countries other than the United States and Canada. The annual salaries ranged from $3,800-$118,000 USD. Nine percent of the salaries were less than $20,000 USD. There were slightly more male than female respondents.



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