THE 2008 WritersUA Salary Survey
Size Matters

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The size of the organization definitely affects the magnitude of our compensation. Salaries generally are higher as the organizational head count increases.

Salary by Overall Organization Size

The survey also asked respondents how many people are directly involved with user assistance development at their organization. Just under half, 47%, work in teams of one to five people. The small development groups also get the smallest compensation at $68,725. There is a progression of income as the size of the team increases. Members of teams with 26 or more can boast an average salary that is $19,000 more than those in a team of five or fewer members.

Salary by Team Size

However, there is another way to look at this. The larger the team, the higher the likelihood that there are team members with management responsibility. Those folks tend to receive higher pay, as shown in the Management section of this report, and will skew the average of the larger groups. Mid-size teams have salaries in the middle.



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