THE 2008 WritersUA Salary Survey
Who's the Boss?

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It is fairly common in the working world for those with management responsibilities to earn more than their colleagues in the trenches. User assistance development appears to be no exception. The survey asked the respondents what percentage of their work is management or supervisory. The results show that those spending more than three-quarters of their time in management activities earn, on average, over $100,00 per year. There is a highly significant increase in average compensation as the management load increases. Of all the elements measured in this survey, that of management responsibility appears to be the one with the most dramatic impact on salary.

Salary and Management

The supervisory pyramid is also very narrow at the top. Only 6% of the respondents spend more than three-quarters of their time in supervisory tasks and enjoy the highest salaries. Three-quarters of respondents have minimal supervisory responsibility.

Management Distribution



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