THE 2008 WritersUA Salary Survey
It's All About Location

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We received salary information from respondents in forty-five U.S. states plus the District of Columbia.

Salary by Regional LocationThe difference in the cost of living from one geographic location to another is a major factor in compensation for every type of employment. Development of user assistance appears to be no exception with average annual salaries varying significantly depending on where we choose to live and work.
NOTE: The states in the figure below represent only 20-40 responses each with the exception of California (175). These average salaries should only be used as a general guide for comparing regions of the United States. Even if your state is not represented in this chart, your input assisted in providing better results for the many other statistics described on the other pages.

Two areas that host large concentrations of high technology companies, Northern California and Massachusetts, continue to provide the highest salaries. The Silicon Valley residents earn over 30% more than the overall national average salary of $76,044. We received a large number of responses from California that allowed us to split the state into north and south regions. (Southern California encompasses the three-digit ZIP Codes up to 938.)

A useful resource for comparing average salaries between regional areas is the Relocation Essentials Cost of Living Calculator.External link This calculator provides cost-of-living adjustments between most major American cities.



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