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Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps

Smartphones have sparked a huge, new software segment the mobile app. This creates an important pair of questions for user assistance professionals: What is our role going forward in mobile and how can we prepare to take that on? User Assistance does have a role in supporting mobile apps. As the mobile app market continues to soar, this is becoming the next frontier for user assistance professionals.

This book provides unique and detailed instruction and guidance regarding design, writing, tools, and planning of your mobile UA.

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A five-copy license for the ePUB version is available for just $49. Contact Shannon to order this directly from WritersUA.

Book cover - Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps

Joe Welinske is the president of WritersUA, a company devoted to providing training and information for user assistance professionals. Joe has been involved with software documentation development since 1984. Part of his work is producing high quality seminars and conferences for the user assistance community. The rest of his time is spent helping clients improve their user assistance.

Author Joe Welinske

Book Contents

  1. User Assistance in a Mobile World
  2. Getting Started with Mobile Development
  3. Designing for Mobile User Assistance
  4. Creating Helpful Words and Images
  5. Browser-based Help
  6. iOS: iPhone and iPod Touch
  7. Android
  8. Windows Phone
  9. Integrating with Other Types of User Assistance
  10. The iPad and Tablets

"The next few years are going to see a very rapid conversion in the IT industry in the way software is designed, implemented, and consumed." - Joe Welinske

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